Cameron Dezen Hammon, essayist and memoirist

On today’s show, Cameron Dezen Hammon tells us how to trick yourself into writing a good book. (Spoiler alert: it helps if you’re already really talented. Tin House workshops don’t hurt.)  We get down to the reals about spiritual writing in the age of Trump, why we can still afford to be hopeful, and why Cameron advocates for writing book proposals for books you haven’t yet written.
Also, Jessica and Cameron bond over Russian Jewishness and ugly crying at The Seagull.

Dezen Hammon’s work can be found here:

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Photo credit: Anna Sneed

Photo credit: Anna Sneed


Follow Cameron on twitter @camerondhammon and instagram @cameron_dezen_hammon. Check out her website for updates on her forthcoming memoir This is My Body from Lookout Books, 2019.

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