Anna Meriano, middle grade author

Photo credit: Rita Meriano

Photo credit: Rita Meriano

Ever wondered what you should do if your professor thinks you should write literary fiction, but you know you’re going to write something else? Today’s guest, Anna Meriano, talks about how much she appreciated that prof and also why choosing to disregard his suggestion was the best decision she could have made. Also, we investigate the weird and fascinating triple Venn diagram of the arts, people who speaks Spanish, and firefighters in Houston.

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Plus, don’t forget to grab yourself copies of Anna’s beautiful books, A Dash of Trouble and A Sprinkle of Spirits from the Love Sugar Magic series.*

Suggested Reads and Honorable Mentions

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Bonus for our Houston listeners: Stop by El Bolillo or 85C Bakery Cafe for all of your pastry needs!

We Also Discussed

  • This article from KPRC/iHeart Radio, “Houston Hires Poet After Laying Off Firefighters” by Ken Webster

  • The Superman horror movie, Brightburn (if you’re feeling really brave, here’s the trailer, but you can’t say we didn’t warn you that it’s scary and violent)

  • Justin Cronin’s novels, including The Passage (he currently teaches a class on Narratives in Longer Fiction at Rice)

  • The awesomeness of Coert Voorhees and Ian Schimmel, a lecturer in Creative Writing at Rice

*A special thanks to Anna’s friends for pulling her away from a cheese plate at a party. It is because of you that the beautiful Love Sugar Magic books exist.