“She is easy to work with, insightful and joyful...She combed through translations for me, finding mistakes, raising questions that I would not have noticed... I was impressed with her intelligence, her interviewing skills, her commitment to getting the truth of a story in order to make it more authentic.”  

- Marilyn Kallet, author of The Love That Moves Me

“I can tell you without doubt that I have never known someone more determined to devote her life to writing. Her fiction is thick with vivid and original detail and she has a knack for moving back and forth through time, abandoning linear narrative in favor of a more impressionist approach and in a way that adds real texture, real depth to her stories. More than that, she dares to complicate her characters, to make them flawed, to risk our disapproval as a result, her people are sympathetic even at their worst.” 

- Michael Knight, author of The Typist

“What has been most impressive to me is the humbleness and generosity with which she shares the experience that she has accumulated in a way that empowers others. She has a unique way of helping people cultivate their full potential as members of a global community that is often defined, understood, and negotiated through writing.”  

- Diana-Ramirez-Jasso, Interim Provost, Boston Architectural College

“Everyone who has read the chapters you have given me all say the same thing. You have a very gifted writer. My response is always, ‘I know it.’”

- Trisha Thomas, Bloomsday client