Katherine Center, novelist

You know how Adam Rippon named himself America's Figure Skating Sweetheart at the Olympics? Well, I'm dubbing Katherine Center America's Author Sweetheart. Because I can. On the show, she talks spotting the Neighborhood Novelist and Why You Should Approach with Reckless Abandon, and why you should, yes, Write What you Know, but also write in the service of others. Seriously. She's awesome.

Also on the podcast: Rejection letters on one-eighth a sheet of paper.

photo credit:  Karen Walrond

photo credit: Karen Walrond

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If you love this infectious Katherine Center episode, you will, we promise, love any and all of her books. Check them out: Bright Side of Disaster (2008), Everyone is Beautiful (2009), Get Lucky (2010), The Lost Husband (2013), and Happiness for Beginners (2015).