Catherine Baab-Muguira, freelancer

Get ready for some perfect hot takes on today’s episode of F***ing Shakepeare with freelancer Catherine Baab-Muguira. She looks behind the curtain at the self-appointed guardians of the world of culture, celebrates indulging a rabbit hole of eccentric ideas as a freelancer, and we all have a laugh about how her outstanding personal essay on her highlights helped propel her career.* Plus, we endlessly appreciate Cat for being real with us about writing, success, and mental illness as she crowns Poe, word for word, “the most likely self-help guru in history.”

Check out more of Cat’s work on her website, her Contently page, and her Twitter.

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Suggested Reads & Honorable Mentions

*Please note, we went out of our way not to say “highlight of her career.” You’re welcome for the lack of bad puns.