Sarah Stankorb, journalist

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Read all of Sarah’s work, but if we were forced to choose, here’s the place to start:

Honorable Mentions:

  • Sex abuse bloggers and activists Sarah mentions: Ashley Easter, Wartburg Watch, & Watch Keep

  • Several Houston Chronicle stories on the sex abuse scandals linked here, here, and here

  • The awesomeness that is Kevin McFadden, aka Christopher Pike (Remember these? I have very vivid memories of checking these out of the school library and tearing through them like a fiend, battling any kid in my path who was after the new one.)

  • The Problem of Dirty Hands

  • Susan Orleans The Library Book

  • Emily Nussbaum and anything she writes, but also her new book I Like to Watch

  • Alexandria Petri and any of her opinion pieces in The Washington Post, but especially this one called “On Giving Up”

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