Jason E. Carmichael, actor and playwright

Actor and playwright, Jason E. Carmichael, comes on the podcast to chat about August Wilson and his Pittsburgh cycle of plays. We get into the burning forest that is scene-writing and he answers the age-old question that has plagued racist Hollywood producers for centuries: exactly which tattoos are gang-enough? More pressingly, we discuss balancing our art against the pressures of commerce, and he reveals the best acting advice he ever got: Pro-tip: it works for writing effective scenes in any genre.

The interview was so chock-full with delicious insider tidbits, stay for the whole podcast to hear some bonus material about James Earl Jones & Arsenio Hall — remember that guy?

Please check out Jason Carmichael on stage in Twelfth Night at the Alley Theater. Performances ongoing through Oct 28, 2018. Weeknight and weekend tickets available here.

A nice review of the show by Houstonia is here.

photo credit: Bruce Bell

photo credit: Bruce Bell

photo credit Paula N. Luu

photo credit Paula N. Luu

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See what Jason’s up to next. Follow him on Facebook @ Jason E. Carmichael.

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