Chris Cander, novelist

Chris Cander opens our all-female Season 3 of F***ing Shakespeare with a lovely conversation about witnessing magic in the every day, and how learning to really notice is the only rule she knows how to follow in crafting stories. We talk about adverbs and bull riding. And we discuss her publishing journey which sounds more like the world’s meanest conceived prank for a writer than something that actually ends happily. But happily it does, lending hope and the admonition to never give up to us all.

Buy Cander’s beautiful, new book The Weight of a Piano here.

Also, join us at Christ Church Cathedral, Jan 22 @ 7 PM for her incredible book launch event. More details here.

If you’re sad (like I was) upon finishing The Weight of a Piano, pick up Cander’s previous novels Whisper Hollow and 11 Stories. They’re not to be missed.

Suggested Reads & Honorable Mentions:

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Photo by Lauren Volness

Photo by Lauren Volness

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